Kiaro Lands in Nanaimo

Admin KiaroSep 9, '20

Kiaro Opens for Business in Nanaimo, BC. BC-based Kiaro has added a seventh location to its cannabis retail lineup. VANCOUVER, BC, September 9, 2020 /CNW/ - Kiaro, a cannabis retailer headquartered in British Columbia and operating across Western Canada, is proud to announce the opening of its latest cannabis retail...

Kiaro Arrives on Vancouver's Historic Commercial Drive District

Admin KiaroAug 21, '20

Kiaro, an illuminated Cannabis experience, celebrates their Grand Opening on Monday, August 3rd, BC Day. Kiaro, a cannabis retailer headquartered in British Columbia and operating across Western Canada, is proud to announce the Grand Opening of their latest cannabis retail location in Vancouver. Located in the Commercial Drive district, Kiaro is pleased to be joining other...

Kiaro Elevates Port Moody

Aaron KumarMar 18, '20

On Friday, March 20th, Kiaro is opening its fifth Canadian location in the community of Port Moody in British Columbia. While we had planned an event for  Port Moody’s first cannabis retail store, it is clear that as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, a different approach will be required...